Mark 3:25 "A house divided, can not stand."
As post-modernism and secularism continue to influence our culture, we believe the Church needs each other to faithfully serve Christ in a changing world. The ministry model of UNDIVIDED consist of three components:

United in Revival (prayer)
 United in Relationships (pastor fellowships)
 United in Reach (community service)

If you are pastor and are interested in joining us, please email to receive the 2018 host church locations. 


1. God is the creator and sovereign over His creation

2. Jesus is the sinless Savior, the Son of God

3. The Bible is 100% true and its moral teachings apply today

4. The devil is real and not merely a symbol of evil

5. Man is sinful and in need of God’s grace, through faith in Christ


Pray with a spirit of unity and a sense of urgency, for an authentic gospel awakening to transform our region.


We believe in the divinity and uniqueness of Christ revealed in the Holy Bible, every word being inspired by God. Man is born with an inherent sin nature that is in need of regeneration through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We Stand UNDIVIDED to regain the passion, urgency, and authority in reversing the trend of Biblical unbelief. The Christian faith has been on the decline for three generations. Recent surveys reveal that America continues her transformation into a "churchless" post-Christian society. Our Biblical World View has been replaced by Humanism, Naturalism, Statism, and Secularism. New Jersey has been an historic place of spiritual awakening in generations past. We believe it will be again!