The Church is the Body of Christ

During a pastoral prayer meeting in 2010, the Church Age and Christ's body was impressed upon Shawn Hyland's spirit. The following shows the historical path the Church has been on for 2,000 years and where we are today in 2016. There is a renewed call to action for the Church to "Stand UNDIVIDED" as we enter into the final hour and the finest hour of the Church Age.

The head of Jesus represents the undivided proclamation of the gospel and the global persecution at the end of the
Church Age.

His Mouth - the proclamation of the Gospel and the Core Beliefs of the Christian Faith (God is the Creator and sovereign over His creation, Jesus Christ is the sinless Savior, the Son of God, the Bible is 100% true and its moral teachings apply today, the devil is real, and man is sinful and only saved by grace) 

His Head - the persecution of the Church. This global persecution is represented by the crown of thorns fully wrapped around Jesus’ head, which brings forth blood (persecution) upon His body. This persecution will be a direct assault from progressive and secular governments rooted in Humanism and the anti-Christian spirit/agenda that challenges the authority of Jesus and his Kingdom. 

The chest and arms of Jesus represents the various denominations, the discovery of The New World, and
global evangelization. 

After the wound upon Jesus’ side, the body became stronger (chest) and went in different directions theologically, resulting in numerous denominations. These differences led the Body away from each other (arms pointing out towards the sides) but through this outward position, the Church reached the world over the next 3 centuries with global expeditions, missionaries, and the discovery of the New World. Different denominations (parts of the arms) helped to accomplish this mission - from Pentecostal outpourings, to Baptist and Methodist revivals in America, to the Catholic renewal, and more.

The end of his arms is the completion that the gospel has gone out into all the world. This is represented by His hands which once again, as His feet - are pierced with blood flowing from the wounds. This accounts for the persecution that is currently taking place at the ends of the earth in nations as Sudan, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and other nations.

The torso and split in Jesus’ side represents the
Religious Reformation. 

This inner discontent starting from the early reformers of John Wycliffe and John Hus in the 1300’s to Martin Luther’s 95 Theses in 1517, the body ultimately became “split” over the blood “grace” and the water “the word” that poured forth from Jesus’ wound. The religious wars of Europe would unfortunately follow this split, culminating in the Thirty Years War ending in 1648. 

The groin area of Jesus represents the place of intimacy and covering as part of Western Civilization’s Middle Ages. 

This period of time was famous for the loss of education and progress that earlier periods and the later “Enlightenment” brought to civilization. Knowledge was hidden from men, specifically religious knowledge was forbidden to be translated apart from Latin. The Monks and Mystics through their intimacy with the Lord became the strength of the Church by keeping the knowledge of the Word and the arts alive through this period.

The Legs of Jesus represents the Orthodox Church of the East and the Catholic Church of the West

This long period of close but separate theologies and traditions are represented by the length of Jesus’ two legs (east and west) and includes the year 1,000 A.D., the turn of the millennium which is the mid point of the Church Age. Soon thereafter, in the year 1054AD, there was the “Great Schism” between the East and West church, which correlates to the section of the body where the legs split from one torso into two limbs.

The feet of Jesus represents the foundation of the Church. 

This includes the times of the Apostles and the early Church Fathers, ending around the year 311 AD, at the beginning of the Constantine era. 

This was a time of great persecution represented by the wounded nail pierced feet and blood of Jesus. The two feet reveal the uniting of Israel and the Gentiles at the beginning of the Church Age known as a Jewish sect - The Way, which upon spreading into the Gentile world became known as “Christians.”