Life Experiences


Glennys Hyland has experienced mighty encounters with Jesus Christ from physical miracles, to financial breakthroughs, to deep and heart wrenching spiritual inventory that cleansed her and renewed her from rejection and bitterness.

These stories and blog commentaries will inspire and impart faith to overcome every obstacle.


That Better Be God

There is an abundance of things that a family of six needs in order to live. Now imagine if the father of that family was attending a Bible college daily while trying to provide for his family and the mother had to get a part time job and on top of the day to day necessities, they were in desperate need of a car. This was my family, and this was our dilemma. One Monday morning, my husband had to leave for Bible college and came across a married couple that needed money to pay their tuition. Shawn (my husband) felt it on his heart that he needed to give $100 to this couple to help them in paying for their tuition. But guess how much money we had in the bank. Thats right- $100.  Shawn freely gave the money to the couple but had faith that he was planting a seed for our new car. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that miracles are on the market for $100 each. But God gives seed to the sower. That money may not have been enough to provide for all of my family’s needs, but it was just enough seed to produce a harvest.


Shawn came home that day and told me what he had done with the only money we had. Astounded I looked at him and said, “That better be God!”.


The next day, I broke out my piggy bank and went to the store to get some basic things we needed right away. As I was walking by the deli department, a lady looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh my, oh my honey! The Lord just told me to bless you with a car. Do you need a car?”


For a moment I thought that she said, “A card” but thinking it over again, I was sure I heard “car”.


I didn’t even buy anything. I ran straight to my car and headed home to tell my husband what had happened.


We had seen this lady before at church, but we had never spoken until that day. She told me that she was from the church, and that the next day she would have our car, we just needed to meet her in the parking lot of the church.


While driving home, a battle began to wage in my mind.“Wait, I thought to myself, ‘“Did she said card, or car. No, she said car!’” Oh my, I got so excited that I ran out without completely understanding what she had said. What if I tell Shawn “car” and tomorrow she give us a “card” from the store to buy food?


I was fighting this battle in my mind. Then I realized; I’m not ignorant to the devices of the enemy. Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy and if I let him, he would steal my blessing. So I yelled, “Satan, I don’t care if she said car, or card. I need a car, and in the name of Jesus I receive my car. You better let my miracle go in Jesus name”! In that moment, I knew that we would get our car. 


The next day we walked to the North side of the parking lot of our church with expectancy in our hearts and there she was. The woman from the deli held in her hands a key; the key to our car.

My husband and I were both accepted into a Bible College. However, classes already started, and we didn’t have the money for our tuition. It bothered me to see many young students that had their tuition all paid for, and there we were, sold out for God but couldn’t get in because of the finances. What I didn’t know is that God had another plan.

In our early years of marriage, I didn’t know how to submit, respect, and honor my husband. I was carrying all my baggage from the past. I was in control. I was the head of the house. I couldn’t control my mouth. My emotions ran the house!! It was all about me. I had some issues in my heart. Some roots that needed to be pulled out. My desire was to go to all the world and preach the Gospel, but God is a God of order. He won’t bless a heart that is living in a mess. Thankfully, He had a plan to work His will and not mine.

One day, the church that the Bible College is associated with had a picnic. I walked far away from the picnic to the back of the building, and began to cry out to God, “God, where is the money for our tuition? Where is it God? You brought us here. You told us that you will never leave us. God, please, do this miracle for us!” Suddenly, I heard a car in front of me. A lady came out and walked right towards me and asked, “Excuse me, why are you here crying?” I answered, “I’m not crying, I’m praying.” She said, “and what are you praying for?” I told her everything, “God brought us here to go to the Bible college, but classes started already and we do not have the money for our tuition.”

She grabbed her bag and gave me her business card, and wrote down my name and my phone number and said, “I just came from West Virginia, and I’m going back to West Virginia right now.” She left as quickly has she arrived.

I told my husband everything that happened. He was concerned about me giving our information to a strange lady. I explained to him, that for me she wasn’t a stranger. I saw something in her. Plus, I was believing for a miracle - so I was looking for it. There are times when I will see strange people coming to me, and I would think, “Is this the person that God sent to give me my miracle?” I am always expecting, ready to receive a blessing, or to be a blessing.....My people hear my voice and they recognize it. 

Three days later, I had a phone call, “Hello? Hi, I’m the lady that you met at your church parking lot. I’m just calling to let you know that the day we met, I got what I needed. Faith came back to me, and I want you to get what you need today. I paid your tuition for the Bible college!!!!”

I rejoiced over this with so much pride right in my husband’s face. I said, “You better pray, and pray hard, my tuition is paid!!!” My husband just said, “Ok.”

That night, while sleeping, someone moved my leg with the purpose of waking me up! I woke up and immediately I heard the voice of God saying, “Come to my presence, I need to give you instructions.” I ran to His presence, and the first words that came out of His mouth were, “You tell every body that I gave you that husband, why do you treat him like that??”

Immediately, I knew what He meant. Picture after picture started to come to my mind. I disrespected my husband many times. I always called him, “Stupid’. I couldn’t submit. I was in control. A control that was giving me power to manipulate and to live two lives - one inside of my house, and another outside. I was bound by my past. Hiding roots of anger, fear, bitterness, and un-forgiveness, dominated by a spirit of religion! 

I wept at the feet of Jesus. He told me these exact words, “Your husband is the head. He is the priest of this household. He goes first. I put that money into your hands as a seed for your marriage, choose life or death in your marriage? Choose “Life.” He continued saying, “Why are you carrying a yoke that I didn’t give you to carry? Be free and enjoy your life, enjoy your marriage, enjoy your husband.” He ended with this, “Before you go to the nations, you go home, and be a mom and a wife!!!”

I chose “LIFE” in my marriage that day. I asked God to forgive me. I repented of my sinful heart. I asked my husband to forgive me. I called the Bible college and I asked them to put that money towards my husband’s tuition. That’s how my husband went to Bible college!

But, the blessing doesn’t stop there......When God pours out a blessing, we never have enough room to contain it.

Three months later, I got pregnant with a beautiful little girl. She was only 4 months old when the Lord blessed us with another son. We enjoy our lives together. We have four amazing children and our marriage gets better and better every year......I LOVE MY HUSBAND. HE IS MADE FOR ME!!! 

I believe in the supernatural power of God. I want to share the testimonies of the miracles that God has done for me and my family. I believe that these encounters with our Lord will transform many people’s lives.

I was a single mom when I came to America. God put on my heart a desire for a husband. This time I wanted not my will, but His. This was my prayer, “God, I want a husband. I want a man that will love you forever. A man that will please your desires and not his or mine. I want a man that will live his life for you. God give me the man that you want me to love and to show him your faithfulness forever and ever.”

While praying this prayer, I heard a noise and opened my eyes. It was a white dove at my window. I knew that was the Holy Spirit saying, “You got it!” A month later I found a new job. I went to bring some boxes to the warehouse, when I looked up, I saw a man looking at me. I continued walking as I looked at him, until the wall separated our eyes. 

On February 14, 2000, that man brought me for a dinner at a special restaurant with a piano player by my table decorated with special roses. We ate, we laughed, and then suddenly, he went on his knees in front of strangers and asked me, “Will you marry me?”

By May, we were joining our lives in marriage. I can say that only God could do that for me!

We both knew the Lord at that point. The only difference, I was hiding my past because of the shame.

I continued keeping my relationship with God by reading the Bible and praying.......The more I read, the more I believed in the power of God. God began to mold my heart. I asked Him to use us, to do whatever He pleased with us. It was a lot going on in my heart. 

Our faith journey together began when God spoke to both of our hearts. He asked us to give our lives to Him. “As I called Abraham, I call you both to leave everything and follow me.”

We talked about what was in our hearts and everything matched. Both of us heard God saying to go to bible college in Columbus, Ohio. We agreed and said, “YES” to God! We left everything, our family, our jobs, friends, church, and went to follow the steps of God for our life. 

After visiting the Church that we knew God was sending us to, we had to go back a second time to look for an apartment. Walking by faith, we went to the office of the Apartment complex. A very friendly woman greeted us. We told her that we had nothing. No jobs lined up once we moved, no money, not even a bank account in that state. Despite that, she grabbed a key and said, “Let me show you your apartment guys,”  and she brought us to a beautiful one. We asked how much per month, and she said, “$700.” While showing it to us, she opened the door of an empty laundry room and I said, “Oh, we have to bring machines,” and she said, “No, I’ll give you a washer and dryer for free.” The deposit was a $100. We signed the lease and we had an apartment ready for our relocation.

One month later, the moving day finally arrived. When we picked up the apartment key, the other workers in the leasing office had no idea who the woman was that gave us the lease. The two women that were there were astonished! They had been the only two workers in that office for months and neither one of them did the lease for us. We said the name and the description of the woman that helped us originally one month prior, but they had no clue. They tried for 25 minutes to figure out who was that person who gave us that kind of lease. At the end, one of them said, “Ok guys, we do not who gave you this amazing deal, but we know someone did because the copy of the lease is here. Here is your key, enjoy it”!

I personally believe it was an angel sent by God.

Shamed into Silence - Part 2

At the post abortion Bible Study mentioned in my previous blog, God delivered me in a supernatural way, though the process was not easy! The first thing we did as a group was share our personal stories about our abortion experiences. One lady who was originally from a different country told me that her mom brought her to have her first abortion and that the doctor didn't have any pain medication. Her mom grabbed her arms and a nurse held her legs while the doctor disassembled her unborn child inside of her womb. She ended her story by saying, “I did it 1...2...3...4...5 times”. This story impacted my life because I thought, 'how much can a woman take'? How much can we carry in our hearts?

I realized that this is a big problem hidden deep within the hearts of many women. Abortion does not only kill our children, and makes others rich, but it is killing and wounding women physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was convinced as studies show, that at least 1 out of 3 women have had an abortion and like my friend, not only 1, but 2, 3, 4, 5 or more.

In this Post-abortion bible study, we learned to let go and let God, to forgive others and the most important thing, to forgive ourselves. I know that this is not easy (I experienced it). But with God nothing is impossible. He healed my heart in a super natural way. Throughout the process, our teacher asked us to begin to pray and ask God to reveal the name of our child/children that we aborted. I was extremely against this because I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. I thought I could pick a name that was for both genders. However, that wouldn't work for me because I'm the kind of person that if something doesn't sound right, I keep thinking and thinking until I know in my heart that I got it. I went home that day and began to pray. I asked God not only to help me find a name, but to let me know if the child was a girl or a boy. I know that it sounds funny, but I did it. God not only had a purpose for my child, but He had a name and I wanted to know what it was.

Five days went by and nothing happened. Then on a Thursday afternoon, I was bringing my four children to the library when one of my ears suddenly started to feel really hot, like a thunder I heard the Lord saying very loud, “Esmeralda”. I began to scream, “thank you Lord, thank you”. I realized in my heart that it was a girl. I went to the class that night and shared my testimony. I wasn't the only one as each lady had a unique story/experience. At the end of that class, the teacher asked me, “Glennys, what's Esmeralda's last name?” I thought she was really crossing the line this time. I didn't respond, but she looked at me and said, “ask God”. I left that class very disappointed. I knew that my teacher was after something. She would never play with something that serious. It confused me to the point that I almost got into an car accident.

I was about to go to sleep when I thought... “I got married to Shawn with my two older children but I really had three (including Esmeralda)”. I woke him up and with tears in my eyes, I asked him if he would be willing to adopt Esmeralda. His answer was, “Of course. I want her to be my daughter also”. I said out loud, “Esmeralda Hyland”. That moment I felt God do something deep inside of me.

The next morning, I decided to clean up my closet. I was sitting on the floor organizing my shoes when I asked the Lord to show me what Esmeralda means. Suddenly, I heard a noise and looked down. It was a ring that I lost a long time ago (the ring had a big green gem). I picked it up and I realized that is what the name “Esmeralda” meant - “Emerald”. I ran to the computer and I searched for the name. The first thing that came up on the screen was a picture of a big green gem. I began to weep! I knew that something supernatural was happening. I was on the floor crying my heart out, “oh God you are faithful”, when suddenly I heard a voice that said, “Esmeralda was lost FOR YOU. She was in the darkness FOR YOU, but like that ring, it was lost but now is found!!!” I want to share this story with the entire world.

This is my story, this is ESMERALDA'S story. She was lost in the heart of a woman that was rejected, ashamed, and lost. She was in the dark past in the bondage of pain, rejection, fear, self-denial, fear of people's opinions; all hid behind the veil of religion. But now I am free and Esmeralda is in the light of my reality and my future. She is a human. She is MY DAUGHTER and I will see her one day!!!

Coming Next......Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see??

Shamed into Silence

I had a great experience with the supernatural miracle that Jesus did for me by bringing my son back to life (see previous post). However, months later, I continued living in sin. I got involved in a relationship with a man. I was living two lives. I would read my Bible in the morning and go live in sin at night. The result of all this of course was a pregnancy that ended up in an abortion. After this, the pain on my heart started to get bigger and bigger with anger and unforgiveness. I knew what I did was wrong, but I needed to end my problem. Instead, I made it worse. Now I was feeling guilty, rejected not only from man, but from God. I continued reading my Bible and I started going to church, thinking that would make God forgive me. I carried this for years. This was my secret, my embarrassment, my pain, my shame, and my battle with rejection. I was not able to talk about it. I buried this emotional scar deep within my heart with religion and denial. When I would think about it, I would run away from my thoughts and just convince myself that it was over, that God already forgave me and I would move on.

Later, I married my husband Shawn. At this point, when I would hear some one mention abortion, I would get nervous and the condemnation would surface again in my heart. We dedicated our life and our marriage to God, yet I wasn't able to sleep sometimes thinking about this horrible secret of mine. I started to hear more and more people talking about the ugliness of abortion. I knew I was forgiven by God, but I couldn't forgive my self and the one who brought me to that clinic. But God wanted me to be free. The journey of deliverance began one night when my son woke me and Shawn up in the middle of the night. He was crying, saying that he couldn't sleep thinking of children without heads, without arms and without legs. Immediately, everything inside of me began to shake. But I continued denying that I was suffering the emotional and spiritual consequences of my past decision to have the abortion. I would repeat, “God already forgave me, and I am free”. Then a week later, both of my two children had a similar dream simultaneously. They woke us up screaming in terror, saying, “We both had a dream. We saw a lot of children bleeding without heads. They had no arms, and they had no legs”. After this I couldn't help it! I confessed to my husband. Then I thought, “that's it, this is all what it takes, just tell the truth to the man I'm married for life to and move on. I knew that the pain was still there, but I didn't want to confront it. It's easier to denied the pain and struggle, than deal with it. Who wants to go back to their past and pull out roots of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and rejection.

One day our pastor determined that he needed to obey God and call all of the women and men in the congregation that were victims of abortion to pray at the altar. That was my moment!! The moment of reality. We were leaders at the church and my husband was on staff in the ministry. I felt confused if I should go to the altar or continue covering my pain and denying my past. I even thought about not responding to what the pastor was asking and then later after service just sneaking into the group. But, something stronger than all of that, deep inside of me said, “do you want to be free?” and I responded to that voice with my actions. I ran to the altar and stood right in front of our pastor. He prayed for us, and kept saying, “God wants to deliver you and set you free”. That day they invited us to attend a training to volunteer in a Woman’s Crisis Pregnancy Center. During that training I discovered the truth about abortion. It is an extremely dangerous procedure that not only eliminates the life of the unborn child, but can also eliminate the life of the mother. Honestly, I have first hand knowledge that abortion, destroy us “women” emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!!

Coming Next... how I discovered the name, gender, and person of my unborn child.


My son's death to life experience

 In 1998 my life was a mess. I was pregnant. A Christian neighbor came to my door telling me about the salvation through Jesus Christ. She invited me to go to a youth group from her church. This is where Jesus touched my heart and I realized I was a sinner and needed a Savior for the forgiveness of my sins. 

The following week, I had a dream where Jesus came into my room. I was very angry and I yelled to him, "come here Jesus, I want to talk to you". Jesus walked slowly. Not my words of anger or distress made him walk faster to reach me. I observed him and in my mind recalled all the suffering in my life. 

When Jesus came to my bed, I moved aside for him to sit at my side. Jesus took my head and put it on his chest. There were no words. I felt that all my anguish, my despair, my pain, my anger, all the heaviness disappeared at that time. 

That morning when I woke up, I knew something strange had happened in my heart. I felt no desire to continue in my sin. I knew that this was a very deep dream. It was something real, something that enters the wounds of my heart and changes my destiny. 

At that time, I was nine months pregnant. My baby was supposed to be born on December 31. It was January 12 and nothing happened so I went to the doctor. He checked me and came back with these words,"I have bad news Glennys. Your baby is dead. The umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck and there is no heartbeat." He also told me the risk that my life was in and rushed me to the hospital. I got so nervous that when I went up in the hospital’s elevator, I started to bleed. 

When I arrived to the emergency room, the nurse put in the IV and said to me, “We will wait for the surgeon to get prepared.” The time for battle came. I was alone in that room when I heard a voice in my mind that said, "And now what? What are you going to do?. That’s your life? You'll die in that operation. All of your life has been a disaster. Worthless, no one cares. Who is here in this moment with you? Take your life and get it over with!”

I slowly sat up, then grabbed the IV and went to the window. I was on the seventh floor of that hospital. I began to mourn and determined within myself to end my life. I opened the window and set my foot on it. My body trembled. I didn’t even know if I had the courage to take my life. Suddenly, I remembered the dream that marked my life (previous life experience blog). At the moment, I began to feel as if there was still hope. 

I went back to the bed and started talking to Jesus. "I know you're here", I said. "I have tried everything in my life, but I have not tried you." The time of my hope began when I said "if you really are real then show it to me. Bring my baby back to life and I promise you my life in return”. (I did not know I was making a covenant with Jesus that day) I said “Do it now and the whole world will know that you are real”. When I finished my words it was as if Jesus sealed the deal. I started to feel my baby quickly dropping. I started shouting but not with anxiety, this time I was screaming with hope and assurance that at that time I would see a miracle. I would know if Jesus  is really real. The nurse and the doctor could not believe it. They kept telling me that it was a reaction to the IV. No, (I insisted) Help me! My baby is almost out! The Doctor checked me and with astonishment in his eyes he screamed to the nurse, “Break her water". The nurse did as he said. They moved me to the surgical room. 

My baby was at the door and quickly came out with power and strength. The doctor caught the young child in his hands and said to me, "This is a miracle, your baby is alive." I thought, "Jesus you did it. You're real!" 

Suddenly, I began to feel a warmth all over my body. It was like a fire and it felt like someone was pulling my ear. At the same time, five university students entered the room. They had a practice of learning “in the delivery room”. In the midst of all these people, I heard a voice saying to me, "Say my name. Tell them who did this miracle”. I knew it would be Ok if I screamed "Thank God". But deep in my heart I knew it was "Thank you Jesus!" I had to scream. It was like a shameful force that covered my mouth, so I did not mention that name. 

However, I wanted to show Jesus that I knew what had happened in that room. I was sure that he was the one who brought my son back to life. With power and strength I yelled, "Thank you Jesus, Jesus Thank you!”

Everyone present laughed. Some even made fun of me. 

What no one knew is that day is not only when my baby came back to life but so did I. I was born again in that place at that time. Spiritually! 

Since that day I learned to have faith in my Christ. Jesus is real and he still does miracles. Now my son is 14 years old. Every person that God puts in my path renews their strength and faith when they hear this testimony. If I live, I live for Christ and if I die, I die for Christ.