Repentance and Research can lead to Restoration
This disease showed a decrease in the 1990's but is now on the rise nationally and internationally.  The black plague terrorized Europe in the middle ages because of ignorant people that did not see the microscopic bacteria that was running rampant through their villages. Better hygene could have resisted the spread of the historic killing bug.
Today, AIDS is a preventable killer that requires little but certain sacrifice. Unlike cancer or diabetes that is linked genetically and/or acquired through normal eating habits,  AIDS is not transferrable and/or spread through diet or air consumption.
Sex and drugs are the leading causes of increased infections the past 10 years. This does not eliminate the injustice that many women around the world suffer for not having "a voice" to make their partner wear condoms. 
It is not compassionate to see an individual choose a lifestyle of self destruction and do nothing in the spirit of tolerance, which aptly can be called self-centerness. Its all about me "If it does not effect me, then its none of my business" = selfishness. 
To defeat AIDS, we must get people to repent of their unheathly sexual choices, intrevenous drug use, and raise funds for research and campaigns for AIDS awareness throughout every community.
 This may never affect you or your family, but it is your moral responsibility to care for the sick and afflicted, to love your neighbor.
The Fight Against AIDS
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May 3, 2013 HIV in the United States Center for Disease Control