Making a Difference
            In a World of Indifference
Compassion is not complicated but rarely do we understand its meaning and implications. Compassion means "to suffer with". In our fast paced individual society, we close our eyes on the broken and the dying while we try to imitate the larger than life lifestyles of the rich and the famous. We are chasing after our dreams instead of rescuing the hopeless from their nightmares.
  • Sex trafficking and modern day slavery is produced through the lustful media of porn producing a culture of men who use women for profit and pleasure. 
  • AIDS continues to affect thousands nationally and millions globally 
  • Abortion continues to eliminate a silent unborn generation from the public debate over the moral value of such a practice.  
  • Extreme poverty slowly fades to black the soul of humanity and drags the lifeless bodies of its victims to an ill fated grave. 
  • Suicide is attempted by 1 million people each year in the prosperous and entertained United States.  
Remember the three curses of mankind and try to help people overcome them:
1. Death (the death of life)
2. Disease(the death of the body)
3. Poverty (the death of the soul)