Core Belief World View Conference


Church is the lowest level of influence upon someone's belief system according to Barna Research. There is a systematic and aggressive agenda from opposing world views to eliminate the Core Beliefs of Christianity by denying the existence of God, removing moral restraints, and progressively leading us into a new world community. (all written goals of the Humanist Manifestos). 

We can reverse this trend of biblical unbelief!

Our LIVE "Stand with the 1%" Biblical World View conference includes 335 slides, 8 videos and 6 hours of teaching; in addition, to an interactive booklet full of mind maps, QR codes with 6 topic related videos, and infographics to understand information in a snap shot. 

Hear what pastors are saying about the World View Conference:

"In a time when the world says truth is relative, Shawn establishes the Truth of God as more relevant than ever.  Shawn has done his research and can easily and effectively communicate what we believe and why we believe it, exposing the false thinking of our times and calling us to boldly proclaim the Truth.  Shawn is passionate about the call that God has on his life to declare the authority of Christ, reassert the faith, and unite the Church.  He is a man who is willing to give it all to make Jesus known and his passion is contagious as he leads the charge in God's movement to transform the world." - Pastor Bob Nash, Building on the Rock Church, Manchester, NJ

“Every day there is more and more talk as the world moves closer to a generic god, which does not include our Glorious and Risen Savior Jesus Christ. Every day the Sovereignty of God and His Word are being challenged in our society.  King of Kings has personally hosted a World View conference and Shawn  comes prepared to not only share the Word of God, but provides a reality check as to the current climate of the times. As the love of many grows colder and the world grows darker,  Shawn boldly proclaims the Truth of God! Shawn’s presentation is delivered with Jesus’ love as well as the boldness of the Holy Spirit, as he challenges the false thinking of today.” - Pastor Mike Dryburgh, King of Kings Church, Manahawkin, NJ

“What is truth?” Pilate posed this question to Jesus 2000 years ago, and people are still asking this same question today.  Move the Earth’s Biblical Worldview Conference leaves no doubt that real truth is found in the Scriptures.  Shawn systematically proves the Bible to be true and accurate using indisputable evidence.  The volume and depth of information presented is astounding, yet it is conveyed clearly and concisely.  This conference will not only give you a deeper understanding of what you believe and why you believe it, but will also enable you to share the truth with others."  Pastor Drew Overgard, Cedar Run Assembly of God, West Creek, NJ​

"Thank you, Shawn, for your dynamic presentation of the 5 Core Beliefs of a Biblical World View. The four-week series was a draw for our Wednesday programming and enabled us to better appreciate the dramatic differences among those who view the world from the perspective of scripture and those who do not.” Pastor Russ Jones, First Baptist Church, Red Bank, NJ


In-depth teaching in the contrasting belief systems of our Secular Culture to the 5 Core Beliefs of the Christian Faith 

1.  understand the origin of man (God is the Creator)

2. the existence of the universe (God is the Creator)

3. the divinity of Christ (Jesus is the sinless Savior, the Son of God)

4. where does evil come from (The devil is real)

5. is man predetermined by his genetics and environment (Man is sinful and saved by grace)

6. does objective morality exists and does it matter (The Bible is 100% true and its moral teachings apply today)

7. why is religion and morality under attack 

8. what is the Humanist Manifesto 

9. where is this spirit of lawlessness leading us to...