Persecution of Christians

The progressive transformation of America over the past 50 years has steadily produced an ever growing secular culture void of faith or absolute truth. Experts scoff at religion as the foundation of society, as they prefer reason in this new high tech educated world. Though they refuse to admit it, their world is in chaos as every year they speak of a new “crisis.” The age of secular reasoning has failed to realize that, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Proverbs 9:10. Decisions contrary to God’s word is doomed to failure. “What seems right to man, leads to death” Proverbs 14:12. The Scriptures have been dismissed for a false view of personal happiness by attempting to fulfill every inner desire. 

Tolerance is used to silence Truth while promoting without question or accountability every message and lifestyle that is contrary to the Bible. Those who claim allegiance to Christ are ridiculed as hateful. Biblical Faith is not illegal but it is unacceptable in our Secular Age. 

The greatest tactic of the enemy is to deceive man through false messaging that twists God’s word to make that which is unholy as natural. In the Garden of Eden, humankind was tempted to reject God (you can become as gods), reject God’s morality and His word (did he really say you cannot not will know good from evil yourself) Genesis 3:1-5. They were deceived into attempting a new society without God. Christians are warned over 30 times in the New Testament not to be deceived. If Satan can deceive God’s children in Eden and we are warned not to be deceived, then understanding Biblical Truth is essential to living a successful Christian life. 

Standing for Biblical Truth is not easy in our self-labeled tolerant culture. Many prefer gaining respect from the community by endlessly serving with good works. Good works are part of the gospel package to bring Christ glory, not for the Church to win the culture's approval. The Spirit of the Age persecuted Christ not for His good works, but for His words. He was able to love them without ever compromising His message.

The 1% will stand for truth whether in season or out of season, whether popular or unpopular. The 1% is not ashamed of Jesus Christ, His word, and His Kingdom.