Is the devil real?

The dualistic battle within the universe of opposing forces of good and evil is present throughout the majority of religions. Secular thought dismisses the relevance or importance of the supernatural in this earth, whether it is the detailed and intimate God who involves Himself in the affairs of men, or if its the so-called enemy of God known as Satan that tempts man to commit actions that are contrary to God’s will. A Biblical  World View believes man can have a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus. In contrast, man faces a personal evil enemy that is envious of man’s relationship with God and seeks to destroy that relationship. 

The Bible records the serpent in Genesis, the accuser in Job and the devil in the Gospels. Devil is from the Greek word “diabolos” which is a slanderer and false accuser. Satan in Greek is “the great adversary.” Man’s enemy uses words to tempt, condemn and accuse humanity before God as guilty of sin and worthy of judgment. Satan originally was a created angel named Lucifer that became jealous of the worship God received from the angelic hosts in heaven. He deceived 1/3 of the angels to follow him and rebel against God. This act of upheaval within the heavens led God to cast Lucifer to the earth. He brought death to mankind by tempting Adam and Eve to rebel against God as the angels did. Satan was unsuccessful in usurping God’s authority in heaven, but he was successful in stripping Adam of his authority on earth. 

Sin and death entered our human existence. The former Lucifer now became the ‘god of this world’. The murders, the injustice, the greed, the human slavery, the terrorism, the acts of natural destruction from hurricanes to diseases are all byproducts of Satan’s temptations in the mind’s of people and connected to the curse of sin upon the earth because of Adam’s rebellion. The pleasure of Satan is both the spiritual and physical death of mankind. He is described Biblically as the Father of Lies and the Murderer from the beginning. Jesus defeated the devil’s influential power on the cross and gave man back his authority on earth that Adam had. Satan and evil will be judged, but God is patiently waiting for humanity to turn to Him by faith before the terrible day of Judgment arrives.

Move the Earth believes that Satan is real, not just an imaginary force of evil.