Is the Bible accurate and reliable?

The Bible is a unique collection of writings that were written by nearly 40 different people in social classes ranging from monarchs to meager laborers and fishermen. The 66 books contained in the Bible were written over 1,500 years in 3 different languages and collectively communicate the greatest story of redemption and new life made possible only through the promised Savior - Jesus Christ. The numerous fulfilled prophecies penned hundreds if not thousands of years in advance give evidence of its divine origin and inspiration. Thousands of ancient manuscripts with slight variants confirm that the pure original texts remain with us today. It has been banned and burned; it has been challenged and criticized. Yet, it has not changed but it has changed many lives. The Scriptures claim to be the absolute revealed truth of God to His creation.

Truth is eternal and relevant for all generations and cultures. Truth is normally not popular in nature. The old saying goes, ’the truth hurts’. Hollywood says, ‘you can’t handle the truth’. Falsehood and lies are more easily acceptable. At some point or another we “lied” because we believed the hearer would be more content to hear the lie than deal with the truth. However, Truth leads to freedom, vulnerability and trust. 

There are two-forms of truth, subjective (relative) and objective (absolute). Subjective truth states “it is hot outside”. Objective truth states “it is 85 degrees outside”. Subjective is your opinion. Objective is fact. The secular world preaches relative truth in the areas of religion and morality. This  philosophy of personal beliefs has recreated the moral fabric of our nation to shame the Christian while celebrating other sexually promiscuous and deviant lifestyles. The mantra of ‘don't force your values’ and ‘separation of church and state’ has successfully labeled those who believe in objective truth in the spheres of religion and morality as hateful and intolerant. Nothing could be further from the truth (no pun intended). 

A statement of non contradiction in logical law says that two opposing statements cannot both be correct. Either only one is correct or they are both wrong. To that end, Jesus is either The Way or he is No Way, but we cannot allow our pluralistic society to believe he is but One Way.

Move the Earth believes the Scriptures are accurate and eternal truth that is relevant for every generation when proper exegesis (historical purpose) and hermeneutical principles (modern application) are followed with great conviction to hold firm to the orthodox faith.