Made in the Image of God?

The naturalist world view would be more apt to pronounce this as ‘imagine god’. The Biblical world view clearly and without apology believes that all men are created in the ‘image of God’ (Gen 1:26,27). LIFE, from the unborn to the elderly is holy and sanctified at all stages of development. Great thinkers throughout the millenniums have often asked the deep questions of our purpose and the origins of our existence. Did God create man, or is the idea of ‘god’ the creation of man to settle spiritual questions with unseen answers?  

The Scriptures give an accurate account of creation without a detailed description of the scientific processes that were involved. Science is not sovereign. Science is not all-knowing. The need for continual research, experiments and exploration testify that man at our highest levels of education and knowledge humbly does not know all things. Scientists cannot observe or experiment the literal beginning of our universe. Scientific knowledge is only capable of studying the material world. The theory of evolution starts at a point where matter and energy was preexisting. Who made the matter? Who created the energy? Our universe is not eternal as it is constantly expanding from a starting point. Any preexisting material within the universe came from somewhere or someone - God. Evolution fails to produce evidence of “in the beginning” (before matter and energy). Any theory based on man’s present discoveries should be respected but not relied upon as absolute truth. Science books change. Discoveries today eliminate incorrect facts science taught a generation ago. New discoveries will wipe away current knowledge we supposedly have attained.  The complex laws of our grand universe to the detailed roadmap of your personal DNA glorifies the intelligence of your Creator. 

God inspired Moses 3,500 years ago to document the fact that we were created with purpose, value and dignity; even to the extreme of walking with God in a harmonious perfect relationship. God was not a religion, He was real and tangible. You are not an accident. Our existence is not a random chance of chaotic forces. You are not a highly evolved animal in a violent sexual animal kingdom. You are made in God’s image. God created you - breathed life into you - loves you - and will pursue you.

Move the Earth believes that God is the Creator and He alone is sovereign over all His creation.