Can we 'save' ourselves?

The Biblical World View contradicts every known established pattern of religious and secular thought in the area of man’s current condition and the unknown afterlife. Secular and humanistic philosophies conclude that man is naturally good but develops culturally unacceptable desires from the outside influence of his environment and his personal experience. Liberal schools of thought believe if government and community changes the unjust environment, then man would cease from practicing evil, greed and violence.

 Their utopia goal of changing the world precedes the Biblical view of first changing the heart. Christians believe that the heart is the core of our sinful thoughts, words and actions. The Scriptures describe man as fallen from his once perfect created state because of sin. Our surrounding environment does not dictate our moral success or immoral decay. The Garden of Eden was the perfect environment to be raised in with the perfect Father-figure God Himself. Yet, man still acted foolishly. We are naturally sinful, not good as liberals propose. However, we are unconditionally loved by God our creator and valuable in His eyes to be worth the sacrifice and death of His son Jesus. 

The main religions understand man’s fallen condition, but fail to realize man’s inability to perform a list of regulations or spiritual requirements to enhance his spirit to become one with the universe in Eastern religious thought or as commonly known in Western culture - have eternal life. The Law of Moses, referring to the Ten Commandments, was not given to justify our lives by being perfect and faithful to abide in complete obedience to the commands. They are God’s standards revealed to man to show us how inapt we are in being the people God once created. The Law shows us our sin and our need of a Savior. Religion says, “Try” the Bible says, “Trust.” Humanism and Religion is wrong, we cannot save ourselves! 

God has passionately pursued people from the beginning. Each religion gives credence to our separation from God and our spiritual emptiness. However, Christianity is unique in the belief that we are brought back into a right relationship with God by believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. In other words, our eternal life is built exclusively on the person and work of Jesus Christ. If Jesus was not truly the Son of God and if he did not die for the sins of the world and raise again the third day, then our faith is futile and we have no hope. Other religions do not base their hope on one man, but on the principles and disciplines.

Move the Earth believes that we are saved by grace, it is the gift of God that we cannot earn.