We exist to reverse the trend of Biblical unbelief

Vision: Biblical Unity and World View Clarity in the 21st century Church

Mission: Move the Earth exists to reverse the trend of Biblical unbelief. Our primary goal is to strengthen the Church by reinforcing the faith and restoring faithfulness to historic authentic Christianity.

Four Ministry Components:
1. UNDIVIDED – urging the Church to stand united for the Core Beliefs of Christianity
2. Christians United for Israel (CUFI) – influencing the Church to support justice for the nation of Israel
3. World View – educating the Church to filter through the inconsistences of a post-modern world
4. Local Church – equipping the Church with passion and truth to live out their faith

“Over the past four generations, Americans who have a basic biblical worldview has declined from 60% to now less than 1%. The result? Lawlessness is crippling our nation, many have left the faith, and a great delusion has led our culture astray. Biblical belief is at a record low. I believe the Church needs a sense of urgency and a spirit of unity to address these challenges.” Shawn Hyland